August 13, 2009

Michael Vick Signs Deal With Philadelphia Eagles, Patriots were never interested.

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Former NFL star Michael Vick talks with CBS Sports' James Brown about dog fighting and the future of his career. Watch a preview of the upcoming "60 Minutes" report.

Michael Vick has found a new home in the city of brotherly love. The Philadelphia Eagles have risked the wrath of PETA and Michael Vick signed a one-year contract with an option for a second year.

News broke during the preseason opens Patriots against the Eagles. We mentioned on our live-blog Instant Analysis.

Michael Vick's view, the approach makes perfect sense. The Eagles are a good organization with an owner and a head coach who has total control of his team. They established an extremely robust and a cloakroom. This is the kind of place for him to rebuild his reputation.

But from the Eagles of view, I am not sure that this is logical.

McNabb is a top-10 of the watch in the NFL. Why do you want to take the ball out of his hands? And if you're just setting Vick backup and not to run your version of the Wildcat, is it really worth the negative publicity?

The Eagles' offense is to read and react offense. Michael Vick has always lacked the ability to read and react defense. The Eagles think he has learned to do while not playing football in the past two seasons?

Hey, good for Michael Vick. I'm not sure what the Eagles and Andy Reid are thinking ...

For the record, the Patriots have never been interested in Michael Vick. He was never under consideration. They never worked on him. They never talked to his representatives.

The rumors, Sarah Palin would say, is everything is done by the media.

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