March 11, 2011

Japan Tsunami: Obama Says US Ready to Help Japan, Readies FEMA

Today, Japan was hit with the biggest tsunami in its recorded history. The Tokyo earthquake registered as an 8.9 and so far, 32 people have lost their lives in the Japan Tsunami, though that count is not final.

A tsunami warning has been issued for Hawaii, the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Russia.

President Barack Obama has already responded.

He has said that the US is ready help the people of Japan after the Japan Tsunami: “The United States stands ready to help the Japanese people in this time of great trial. The friendship and alliance between our two nations is unshakeable, and only strengthens our resolve to stand with the people of Japan as they overcome this tragedy.”

President Obama has also told the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to be ready to help Hawaii and other US States or territories that might be affected by the tsunami.