August 21, 2009

Big Brother season 11 episode 19

Chima, whose excessive loudness and wacky behavior proved to be ratings gold, was expelled from the house in Big Brother 11 Episode 18 after she became disgusted with the game being rigged and reacted accordingly. Following the early eviction of Chima, a new HOH competition was held, and Jordan became the new HOH, a power which you’ll notice nobody will take from her. I’m just saying. Her nominees are Natalie and Lydia.

Natalie realizes she’s all alone in the house, apparently meaning that she’s given up on any alliance she may or may not have had with Kevin and Lydia.

Russell tells Michele that they’re both lone wolves, so he wants to stick with her because she’s been just as big a villain. He thinks Jordan’s dumb for not having taken out one of them.

Kevin reveals to the girls something they don’t want to know about Jessie. He was playing both of them. Natalie was plan A; Lydia was plan B. They’re glad he’s gone, or so they’re pretending. That is something they have in common, though, so maybe they can work together. If they can convince the others that Russell and Michele have a final two deal, maybe somebody will vote one of them out instead. Kevin tells the story to Jeff about how Russell and Michele want to split up a couple. They’d be dumb not to. Any pair is dangerous, and Jeff and Jordan would be the only pair left if Lydia were evicted. Kevin’s amazed that Jeff is buying his story. Neither Jeff nor Jordan believe Kevin would lie.

Since they couldn’t do the double eviction tonight, the veto competition will be held live instead. The only person who will not be playing is Russell. The competition is before or after, typically used as a lame HOH competition, but tonight it serves as a lame power of veto competition instead. Everybody gets the first question right. Jeff, Lydia, and Natalie are all eliminated on the second question. Everybody gets the third question right. Kevin is eliminated on the next question. Both Jordan and Michele get the next question right and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that. Am I alone here, or does it look like Jordan’s reading something during this competition? Time for a tie breaker. How many truffles were in the giant mud pit? Michele answers 50; Jordan answers 60. The correct answer is 104. Jordan wins POV and will have a few minutes to make a decision that she’s probably already made.

Jordan has decided not to use the power of veto, securing her original nominations.

Russell: Lydia
Michele: Lydia
Jeff: Lydia
Kevin: Natalie

By a vote of 3-1, Lydia has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Upon her eviction, Lydia only says goodbye to Kevin. So much for her newfound friendship with Natalie. Nonetheless, she leaves with a positive attitude. She got a best friend and an experience of a lifetime, so that will work. Lydia will now be alone with Jessie in the jury house. She promises she will get even. Yeah, that will last long.

Now it’s time for a battle for the new HOH. Ultimately, this is about Jeff fighting for his life because anybody who wins and doesn’t nominate him and Jordan is an idiot since everybody else has lost the second half of their pair. The HOH competition is to recycle 24 cans into their tubes. They’ll have to drop their cans from up high and hope they go in. The HOH competition will continue for one hour or until someone wins. Kevin and Michele are in the lead with 4 points. They know better than it being that easy, though. Big Brother has added platforms to block their shots unless they have good timing to go with their aim. If you want to know who wins HOH before Sunday’s show.

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