August 21, 2009

Megan Wants a Millionaire Canceled - The Latest Trends

Perhaps the show was "Megan is a killer."
Oh, well.
In the end, but does not matter.
"Megan is a millionaire" has been canceled.
Worse, one of the participants soon found in the Slammer.
Until recently, public authorities, the search for Ryan Alexander Jenkins, one of 16 participants to gain Megan's immortal of love and affection.
Jenkins, but alleged to be missing, because the body of model Jasmine Fiore was the last weekend in a bag was thrown into a trash dump.
Fiore to death have been clearly stranguliert.
It is believed that Jenkins and Fiore in the romantic, the police examined the apparent murder find Jenkins, because it lacks the first time, Fiore.
It was, of course, until the police him on television.
My colleague, crime, auditors, Cindy Adams:
The authorities fear could now Jenkins management to Canada, and perhaps with his own car, a black BMW X5 with Canadian plates HLY275 Jasmine or lack of vehicles, it is a white 2007 Mercedes CL S550 with tinted windows, black rims , and paper signs bearing the words "Platinum engines."

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