August 19, 2009

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Michelle with "short" while Kurzurlaub yesterday with his family during a trip to Grand Canyon is that the same debate. While most women agree that the shorts (of any length) that are difficult to remove, I think we have with the hands, high five. As long legs, I ask the question - not all the short films of "short" in it?

Little Michelle Obama - Michelle Obama a short, the national interest, as this picture of the use of shorts on a machine.

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Michelle Obama, mostly shorts and in the middle, because today it was very hazardous to use, while the mode of vacation in the Grand Canyon. The big question was: "If the first lady has to be in the public in an atmosphere like?" I say "Why not?" You can see some women with their pajamas, for business every day, she is well and in good shape for you to go First Lady! The voters, the image is in agreement with me 88% should be used if you wish.

It is no secret that the chatters not a fan of Obama, Barack and Michelle, but to the man. Michelle Obama these shorts are not the shorts. Thank you ...

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Michelle Obama has a critical mass of Baring arms in February, but now, the first First Lady of the stairs at the bottom of the Air Force One (or appears to the public on this) too short. After all, you can imagine, Patricia Nixon or Laura Bush doing this?

No doubt, Mrs. Obama has big GAMS, but do you think it should be, both naked? See photos and vote in our poll.

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