August 19, 2009

Richard Hatch Arrested Again

2000 Survivor Richard Hatch has involved its share of problems to win, because $ 1 million in season one of the coveted CBS reality show.

Hatch appeared on NBC's Today Show for an interview with Matt Lauer (see video below), for his conviction, tax evasion, so that re-arrested a few hours later.

Hatch has been under house arrest, after nearly four years in prison for tax evasion. He told Lauer that he is innocent, costs and believes he was followed, because he is gay.

"I know beyond a doubt that personal issues, for the Crown. I do not know why. The Crown has been enormously fault, "said Lauer Hatch.

"He told the court, I do not pay my taxes in 2000, and he said the judge, I do not have a spirit of cooperation," said Hatch. "It is expressly the IRS. I do not have a bill for the year 2000. I have not even been considered for 2000. And I have full cooperation."

Hatch claims judges call "reason" and "illusion".

Hatch, under an exemption from the delivery at home, October 7, it was the authorities of his Today Show appearance. After Hatch sister, I was told, he was again put in prison because he had an interview. Hatch Lauer said his Today Show interview was adopted by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Today, the manufacturer confirmed that Lauer interview was approved.

The authorities were unable to provide information on the Hatch detention, say that there are many reasons why a detainee may, from house arrest to prison.

"We have simply not the same type of information on the Federal Assembly to book us on board we are going to do with the city and the steady market Landkreis aboard, Sheriff's Office said spokesman Roy Lyon MSNBC. com. "It has to be, as against a state of nature. There is no other reason than it would have been done. "

Watch Richard Hatch Today Show interview video below.

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