July 9, 2011

Fairy Tail Episode 87

Fairy Tail Episode 87: Latest News Excerpt from the fairy tale and waits for 8.00 85 @ 21:00 GMT 9th July 2011, in the air. This is good news for fans of one section of the 87 stories is broadcast on the night.

Natsu group escapes the army and fled to a hotel after Lucy Lucy Edolo Earthland to each other. It is now considered one of the top 10 animated stories. In the last chapter, after hearing the truth about their purpose, happiness and the reign of Charles the mysterious and two cats, Lucky to escape and ends Marl.

Natsu Edolo edition - to sneak aboard a real military aircraft, while his plan failed, The Driver four-wheeled vehicle by the timely arrival will be saved. This improvement, which is still there, 23 August 2006, first published magazine Shanen weekly.

Natsu and Lucy, Wendy, when you need to implement in prison! Meanwhile, Carla Extaliahappy and in abundance. 23 episodes was released in November 2010, collected and published by Kodansha. Natsu Daphne species caught and the strain energy of the body to recharge, with enthusiasm Dragonoid caught him in an area.

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