July 9, 2011

South Sudan Celebrations Independence

South Sudan Celebrations Independence: Latest News New landscape of southern Sudan has officially declared its independence.

A spokesman for the National Assembly, James Wani Igga read the official announcement on Saturday before hundreds of thousands of people at the ceremony in the capital Juba.
The crowd cheered when he started the new flag of southern Sudan and the flag hung in the north. Salva Kiir sworn in as president, I swear to respect the constitution and protection of human andpromote development in southern Sudan.

Republic of Sudan has become the latest country to midnight local time. How to celebrate life, to Juba.

The celebration comes at the ceremony, the name of John Garang in Juba, southern army during the Civil War to life in Sudan.

Speakers include President Kiir, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki - moon and the northern Sudanese President Omar al - Bashir.

Southern Sudan is mostly left to the south in a referendum on the peace agreement in 2005 January.News end two decades of civil war.

Southern Sudan has taken over the district. Government of Sudan and its president, Hassan Saleh Bakr officially on state television in fridy.

The recognition of Egypt on Saturday.

Declaration of Independence by the Congress in the southern Sudan, adopted systems to support the administration of the provisions of the law, justice, democracy, human rights and respect for diversity.

Day Saturday rejected a new problem in the country will soon face.

Southern Sudan, including murder and violence to solve conflicts on the northern border, and how to share oil revenues.

Friday, the Security Council authorized a peacekeeping force in southern Sudan, a maximum of 7,000 soldiers and 900 civilian police officers.

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