July 9, 2011

Malaysia Police Fire Tear Gas On protesters

Malaysia Police Fire Tear Gas On protesters: L News Malaysian police fired tear gas Saturday and a new round of water cannons on thousands of protesters demanding electoral reforms is used to disperse.

About 500 people were arrested, police said.

Some 8000 protesters told reporters in the back of a bus station and the police responded with tear gas and water cannon attacks said it was a dead end.

In a few hours before the police used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Groups of demonstrators succeeded beyond the police and the swelling of the sanctions outside the bus station Puduraya collected.

Many opponents of the "reformasi" (reform), exclaimed: "God is great" and "Long live the people."

Merdeka Stadium which hosted the event, which organizers said was trying to Mars.

And illegal police, who closed on Friday evening, said the capital were banned demonstration.

A police helicopter in the area, an AFP journalist who had been with us since.

The police arrested 514 people who reported on the official Facebook page.

"Why the government is trying to intimidate people?" Mohamad Abdallah joined therally handle 50 to do a business man.

"We were free and fair elections, and to try to reform a government," he told AFP.
Malaysia Police Fire Tear Gas On protesters

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