July 9, 2011

US former First Lady Betty Ford Dies

US former First Lady Betty Ford Dies: Latest News Betty Ford on Friday, died at the age of 93. It was a known drug in California and co-founder, died in the late former President Gerald Ford, the widow of his side with his family last Friday evening.

Gerald Ford in 1948 after a divorce before the marriage, William Warren, a former dancer and model who married for five years.

Elizabeth Anne in Chicago in early bloomer, the campaign of Betty Ford in 1948, a member of Congress is an integral part of success is to be. Offer to replace President Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford as Vice President Spiro Agnew T before the Capitol Hill for 25 years.

Gerald Ford became president of the United States 38, and First Lady Betty was with him. It is the media and Newsweek in 1975 as a free person nominated "Woman of TheYear."

But a year after her husband left the White House, Betty Ford, alcohol and drug abuse treatment of pain.

Autobiographies and Betty Ford Center in California in 1982 was the first multi-platform. The treatment of alcohol and drugs in the center of the world is one of the most popular and has hosted many high-ranking personalities.

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